Installing a Rain Barrel

2. Site Selection

Rainwater harvesting systems help reduce reliance on treated water to irrigate outdoor landscapong and help reduce water expenses.  Rain barrels can be helpful during times of drought and in regions with water restriction times.  The first step in successfully installing a rain harvesting system is to select an appropriate location for your barrel.

  1. Rain barrel location should be in an area that is close to where the water will be used.
  2. The rain barrel will need to be near a downspout.
  3. The contributing roof area to the selected downspout should be calculated to know the amount of rainwater that could be collected.
  4. The site selection could be different based on watering methods (hose or bucket/pail).


3. Components

The primary components of a rain water harvesting system include:

  1. Downspout/collection pipe
  2. Diverter
  3. Inlet
  4. Storage vessel (barrel)
  5. Access spigot
  6. Overflow
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