BMP Construction Inspection Checklists

Improper construction of permanent water quality BMPs can result in inadequate performance and expensive repair/maintenance costs.  We have developed a series of checklists that can be used by construction inspectors, contractors and design engineers to ensure that BMPs are constructed properly the first time.  The checklists can be downloaded from the links below.

EDB Construction Checklist

Bioretention Construction Checklist

Permeable Pavement Construction Checklist

Permanent Water Quality BMP Inspection and Maintenance Field Guide

Based on feedback received from participants in our BMP Inspection and Maintenance (I&M) workshops, we have developed a field guide for BMP I&M.  This field guide provides a “quick reference” for inspecting and maintaining permanent water quality BMPs using short narratives, bullet points and pictures that describe what problems to look for, where to look for those problems and how to fix those problems.  This is a “must have” document for inspectors, maintenance personnel, property managers, landscape contractors etc.  And it was even designed to fit in the glove box of a service vehicle!

We have printed versions of the field guide available for purchase for $12/each.  These are printed on weather- and tear-resistant paper to withstand the elements of field work.  Please contact us for order and payment information.  Discounts for large orders may be available.

The field guide is also available to download (for free) at the link below.
Download BMP I&M Guide

Also, don’t forget that we offer a comprehensive 2-day training and certification workshop on BMP I&M, which provides much more information about inspection and maintenance of BMPs.  Information on our training workshops can be found on the “Training” page.

Routine Extended Detention Basin Maintenance Video

Extended Detention Basins (EDBs) are the most common type of stormwater best management practice (BMP) in Colorado.  We have developed this video as a quick reference to the most important EDB maintenance procedures that should be followed for EDBs to remain operating properly.  This video, however, is not comprehensive and we encourage viewers to attend our 2-day training and certification workshop, which provides much more information about maintenance of EDBs and other BMPs.  Information on our training workshops can be found on the “Training” page.

Build Your Own Rain Garden Guide

Rain gardens are a simple and inexpensive way for homeowner’s and businesses to do their part in protecting our lakes, rivers and streams from the negative impacts of stormwater.  To help promote the increased use of rain gardens on residential and other small properties, the Center has developed an easy-to-follow guide for designing and constructing rain gardens in Colorado (downloadable link below).

Rain garden recently constructed at a Fort Collins, CO small business using the Center's rain garden guide

Rain garden recently constructed at a Fort Collins, CO small business using the Center’s rain garden guide

Colorado Rain Garden Guide (PDF file – 5 MB)

If you plan to (or have already) constructed a rain garden in Colorado, please let us know.  The Center would like to keep track of rain garden projects in Colorado and encourage you to send us pictures and information about your project.  You can upload pictures/information directly to this website via the online Forum, or contact us and we’ll send you an email to submit your pictures/information.

Contractor Outreach

Landscape contractors play an important role in BMP maintenance and are one of the Center’s target audience groups for stormwater education and training.  To help reach out to this audience, the Center has produced a pamphlet that outlines the role that landscape contractors play in terms of BMP maintenance, the importance for receiving specialized training in this field and how the Center will be providing that training in the near future.  We encourage MS4 BMP inspectors and others who have direct communication with landscape contractors to share this pamphlet with their local landscape contractors.  The pamphlet can be downloaded from our website.  Make sure to include your local contact information on the pamphlet prior to printing.

Landscape Contractor Training Pamphlet

Partner Organizations and Affiliations

Colorado State University Urban Water Center

Urban Drainage and Flood Control District

Colorado Stormwater Council

Colorado Association of Stormwater and Floodplain Managers

Urban Watersheds Research Institute