We collaborate with numerous state agencies and local municipalities to explore an array of stormwater-related research interest.  Our collaborators include:

Research Projects

Nutrient Sources in Urban Areas

A brief review of extant literature on sources of nutrients in urban stormwater and options for communication, education and outreach campaigns to address critical sources of nutrient loads on our urban water systems.

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Bioretention Cell Performance

This study assessed the performance of newly constructed bioretention cell in Fort Collins, Colorado to help inform the BMP design criteria for bioretention cells in the City of Fort Collins.

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Bioretention Media Mixtures

This project focused on bioretention media to address phosphorus removal in bioretention cells. The study reviewed potential amendments to bioretention media mixtures that could remove particulate and dissolved phosphorus from stormwater runoff.

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Impacts of Roadway Deicing

Roadway deicing operations (RDO) are essential to maintaining safe and drivable road conditions during winter precipitation events. However, these operations can result in the contribution of substantial amounts of chloride to urban waterways. This study evaluates the chloride load applied verses the chloride load delivered via RDO to a stream located in Fort Collins, CO, … Continued

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Microbial Analysis of Roof Runoff

Off the Roof is a citizen science project developed to provide data for researchers to better understand what pathogens may reside in roof runoff collected in rain barrels.

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