Rain Garden Installation

Rain gardens help conserve water while also reducing stormwater runoff and improving water quality

Residential Rain Garden Pilot Project

At a Glance

Installing rain gardens is a water conservation strategy which includes the added benefits of reducing stormwater runoff and enhancing water quality. This project advanced the implementation of rain gardens as a water conservation tool along the Colorado Front Range. A total of 19 residential rain gardens were installed in Fort Collins, Wellington, Greeley, Windsor, Loveland, Longmont, Commerce City, Centennial, and Denver communities.

This project was primarily funded by the Colorado Water Conservation Board and the Colorado Water Center.  However, several water providers, municipalities and non-profit organizations funded the materials used to install the demonstration gardens, information about the project sponsors are provided below.

Our Team

Other Collaborators

This project includes collaboration across Colorado State University (CSU) disciplines. Dr. Jennifer Bousselot (Horticulture and Landscape Architecture) and graduate student Thomas Hickey (Horticulture and Landscape Architecture) designed the planting layouts. Additionally, Deryn Davidson, Interim Extension Director Jefferson County, CSU Extension consulted and collaborated on this project. CSU Extension also provided funding for project staff Riley Lynch and Mia Campbell.