Statewide requirements for LID?

I’m looking into whether there will be a statewide requirement to implement LID in Colorado any time soon. In looking at the draft NDPES municpal stormwater permit for Phase II permittees, I see an option for controlling the WQCV using LID, but no mandate. Are there any expectations that this option, or a mandate through some other regulatory means, will end up requiring LID in the state? I also read that Fort Collins and Denver have required/encouraged greater use of LID. Are other jurisdictions following suit?

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  1. Chris says:

    I do not foresee the State mandating LID anytime soon, especially now that the EPA seems to be backing down from its new stormwater rulemaking.

    Any LID mandates or “encouragement for use” in Colorado will probably be done so by the individual MS4s, such as what Fort Collins and Denver are doing. I am not aware of other jurisdictions that are considering changing their policies to mandate or encourage LID use at this time.

    Hope this helps.

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