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SFBs seem to have a tendency to grow vegetation on the surface after a couple of years on line (see photo). Is this a maintenance issue? The sediment accumulation in the basin appears to between .5 to 1 inch in the areas I inspected and I have not noted any issues with the basin not draining out so I don’t think it’s time to remove the accumulated sediment.
I don’t think the vegetation is an issue that needs to be addressed at this time but I wanted to get other inspectors input.
Thank you.

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  1. Chris says:

    Great question. Generally vegetation has many benefits within a BMP, even if the original design did not call for vegetation. That said, vegetation in a sand filter is an indication that sediment is building up within the filter media, as you have noted. As long as the sand filter continues to drain in a reasonable timespan (24 hours or less), then I would say maintenance of sediment is not needed. At some point in the future, the filter media will clog with sediment and will need to be removed and replaced.

    The potential problems to look for are weeds, invasive species and woody vegetation. Weeds/invasives can be “spot-treated” with small amounts of herbicide or hand-pulling. Woody vegetation should be removed immediately since their roots can damage underdrains or other structural components if left unmanaged.

    Hope this helps,

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