EDB Maintenance in pond with wetland mitigation.

Are there any special maintenance requirement for water quality basins with wetlands mitigation? Any advice would be appreciated.

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  1. Joel Mackey says:

    Thanks Chris. Are there any signs that it time to remove the vegetation or is it just a mater of storage volume and knowing when they were removed last.
    Thanks again!

  2. Chris says:

    Hello – Thank you for your question.

    If wetland vegetation (e.g. cattails) exists within a water quality BMP, the vegetation may need to be thinned or removed once every 5-10 years (approx.). This prevents the vegetation from taking up stormwater storage volume and also permanently removes pollutants that the vegetation uptakes over time.

    Wetland vegetation removal within a BMP constructed solely for the intent of stormwater treatment SHOULD not require a 404 permit from the Army Corps of Engineers, however we advise everyone to check with the local Corps district first to ensure a permit is not required prior to maintenance of any BMP where wetlands exist.

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